Why use Image Placeholders?

placeholder image Course designers us an image placeholder when developing online courses when you do not have an image ready. You or your client may not have the appropriate image. However, you may now the size that you need and using an image placeholder will help with the layout of the page. The image is used to bring attention to the course developer or designer indicating a required image–especially when looking for or creating copyright images.

If you are working with websites then, you can use websites such as http://www.placehold.it/. This service creates HTML code that you can input into your HTML. For example, the code would be

<img src=”http://placehold.it/100×150″ alt=”placeholder image” align=”right” hspace=”5&quot;” vspace=”5″ />

This code would make the above right grey image. The dimensions of the image are 100 by 150 pixels (width by height). The image has a 5 pixels margin on top and bottom (vspace) and has a 5 pixels margin on left and right (hspace) sides if the image. There is no requirement to create an imageā€¦the HTML code grabs the image from the placehold.it website.

Now if you are working with programs such as Articulate Storyline and you need a placeholder image. Then you can use a program such as Dynamic Dummy Image Generator. This online program will allow you to create an image in seconds with the appropriate width and height. You can add text to the image and change the background colour. Adding the text will let you know what the image is needed. Once you create the placeholder image that you need, then you save it (right click on the image), then place it in the program you are using.

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator


It is that easy. The image just needs the height and width as well as what the image is supposed to represent.

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