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Adobe Education Exchange
Join me on the Adobe Education Exchange. It’s helpful for learning new digital skills and downloading free tutorials & project ideas. It’s also great for connecting with other creative educators and getting help. Plus, it’s free!

Adobe Youth Voices Community Changes

As of July 17, 2015, the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) website will be changing and the AYV Community features will no longer be available, which includes the ability to login to access to the Forums, Media Review, and Member Directory. This was a great community. When I first started teaching online — all my digital media classes were how to use this program or that program. I would have to update...

Telling the Story of Your Institution: The Basics

Hone your storytelling skills About the series Whether you’re a classroom teacher, a staff member, or an administrator, you serve as a leader in your educational institution. Part of any good leader’s job is to tell the story of their institution; a good story can highlight success, mitigate challenges or crises, and garner support for necessary change. But for most of us, media and marketing skills...